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Know about the lowest calorie Chinese foods

Know about the delicious Chinese foods which are low in calories

People prefer Chinese dishes when they decide to have their meals outside. Chinese recipes are very tasty. Now-a-days getting Chinese food at your doorstep is not a difficult thing. There are many Chinese dishes which are healthy and full of nutrition. But here you have to be very careful at the time of selecting the dish.

Those who are on diet programs can eat lowest calorie Chinese foods. Taking food with high calorie, fat and carbohydrate can give you an unhealthy figure. People should take balanced food to get perfect body shape. There are many Chinese foods which are healthy. Here you will get an idea of choosing perfect Chinese dish while taking meals at restaurant. These are:

  1. Steamed vegetables dumplings:

    Know about the delicious Chinese foods which are low in calories

This is one of the lowest calorie Chinese foods which you take easily without much concern. One piece steamed vegetable dumpling has only 40 calories. You can enjoy two dumplings. It will only contain 80 calories. This is made with vegetables which are healthy.

  1. Chicken with Broccoli:

Chicken with broccoli is a delicious dish. This dish does not contain many calories. A cup of cooked chicken and broccoli contain around 280 calories. You can reduce the calories by not taking the sauce. This is a very health dish because it has chicken and broccoli. Both are low calorie diet foods. Broccoli is vegetable which is full of nutrition. It has fibre, vitamin C, vitamin A, antioxidants and calcium.

  1. Hot and sour soup:

Know about the delicious Chinese foods which are low in calories

Taking soup is a good option for those who want to take fewer calories. This hot and sour soup is also known as wanton soup. Soups are full of nutritious value. Soups are generally very healthy and they are lower in fat. One cup soup contains more or less 100 calories. Researchers have found that if you eat soup before your meal you will take less food.

  1. Chicken with vegetables:

This dish includes low calories food chart. In this recipe chicken and vegetables are mixed together and cooked in a tasty way. This dish is very tasty and delicious. It can be taken when you are at restaurant. This recipe contains fewer calories. This is a very dish because chicken is the source of protein and on the other hand vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals. This dish helps people to stay full for long period of time.

  1. Veggie spring rolls:

lowest calorie Chinese foods

Steamed spring roll is a good option which can be taken as a low calorie diet food. This is better than egg rolls. These are not fried so it has fewer fat and calories. One steamed vegetable spring roll contains around 80 calories.

  1. The Buddha’s Delight:    

One of the delicious lowest Chinese foods is Buddha’s Delight. In this dish vegetables are boiled. It contains 200 calories. Here it is displayed with a rich oriental flavored tomato broth.

  1. Moo Goo Gai Pan:

It is a super tasty recipe. It can be added to the low calorie food chart. This dish is made with vegetables, mushrooms and chicken. One cup of this dish is filled with 275 calories. This is a healthy dish.

These are the lowest calorie Chinese foods which you can take when you have decided to enjoy some Chinese foods. If you are on diet you can take these dishes without any confusion. These are tasty, delicious as well as health.

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